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TARP was no win for the taxpayers

More than 1 million HAMP mods canceled Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Lenders react to FHA mortgage insurance changes Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Lenders react to FHA mortgage insurance changes It’s 2002, All Over Again: homeownership registers record drop in 2007 If current trends continue, more than 50,000 New York homeowners.The banks are now pushing all manner of mortgage mods and foreclosure. The net result has been 5 million foreclosures and counting. One in four "Home-owers" are underwater – meaning, they owe more.

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TARP Program ROI Not So Hot for Taxpayers by Darwin on January 17, 2009 According to the blog from the Director of the Congressional Budget Office, the return on investment to taxpayers for the TARP program is not so good.

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By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: November 12, 2015. Landing in our inbox this week was an 86 page report from the government accountability office (GAO) on the current status of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). The GAO is among a growing octopus of taxpayer-funded bodies attempting to reassure the American people that their tax dollars that were used to bail out Wall Street during the.

Stick a Fork in It: Moody’s Downgrades 1,923 Subprime RMBS Classes — In Just Two Days From Paul Jackson at Housing Wire: Stick a Fork in It: Moody’s Downgrades 1,923 Subprime RMBS Classes – In Just Two Days Between Monday and Tuesday, calculations by Housing Wire show that the rating agency has slashed ratings on 1,923 tranches from 232 seperate subprime RMBS deals from 2005-2007 vintages.Stegman doubles down: White House will not recapitalize Fannie, Freddie * The White House won’t support plans to recapitalize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac because they don’t address core concerns over having two large entities dominate the nation’s trillion mortgage market, said the president’s top economic adviser.

TARP Was No Win for the Taxpayers Treasury’s claim that the bank bailouts will return a profit ignores the other, more costly programs enabling the banks to repay their TARP funds.

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No tax due in some states Of course, that $562 million assumes you, like me, live in one of the 7 states that have no income tax at all. They are Alaska, Florida, Nevada, Texas, South Dakota. No problem. Even if you beat the odds and win, your tax problem could be a doozey.

The big banks claim that they have paid back all of the bailout money they received, and that the taxpayers have actually made money on the bailouts. However, as Barry Ritholtz notes : Pro Publica has been maintaining a list of bailout recipients , updating the amount lent versus what was repaid.

Banks Rob Taxpayers - Bailout Payback Scam Some states, like Texas and California, do not tax lottery winnings, while others tax as much as 8.82% (hi New York). Here’s how much of a cut each state would take, per USA Mega. Two things to note: first, Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada, and Utah are not listed because they do not sell Powerball tickets, and second, the annuity.