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Straw Buyer Schemes Lead to $34 Million in Fraud Indictments

Eight people were indicted for their roles in a $40 million mortgage fraud conspiracy involving dozens of properties along Florida’s Gulf Coast, said Steven M. Dettelbach, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio, and Stephen D. Anthony, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Cleveland office.

The pair is accused of conducting a mortgage fraud scheme that resulted in losses to mortgage lenders in an amount over two million five hundred thousand dollars.. Broker in VA pleads Guilty to Million Dollar Mortgage Fraud;. MN Broker Indicted for Flipping in Straw buyer Scheme ;

The Puerto Rico Hurricane SCAM CHICAGO-A former area motorcycle and recreational vehicle dealer and his accountant, together with eight other defendants who allegedly acted as straw buyers in sham vehicle sales, were indicted on.

CAMDEN – Ten New Jersey residents face federal charges in a $40 million mortgage fraud that used phony documents and "straw buyers. in a 46-page indictment handed down earlier this week in Camden,

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Straw Buyer Schemes Lead to $34 Million in Fraud indictments; home sales for the rich and famous spike while everything else lags; REO sales may not peak until 2013; NY regulator freezes Ocwen-Wells Fargo $2.7B MSR deal

8 Indicted for Running Alleged Straw Buyer Scheme Allison Tussey – January 6, 2014 – 1 Comment Eight people were indicted for their roles in a $40 million mortgage fraud conspiracy involving dozens of properties along Florida’s Gulf Coast.

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Case for Mortgage Fraud Involving Straw Buyers Supported by SARs Issue15-story6.pdf 9.52 KB BSA records helped identify co-conspirators, accounts, and elements of a mortgage fraud scheme that may total as much as $7 million dollars in losses.

Two separate mortgage fraud rings in two different states made headlines Thursday morning, with federal indictments accusing them of more than million dollars worth of mortgage fraud.

Ten Defendants Indicted in Alleged $74 Million Vehicle Financing Fraud Scheme Resulting in $56 Million in Losses to Lenders. The alleged bank fraud scheme involved two prongs: in one, the dealership fraudulently obtained more than $31.3 million in direct financing through five lines of credit from Fifth Third Bank,

Straw Buyer Schemes Lead to $34 Million in Fraud Indictments. In the Idaho case, the accused include two building contractors, a mortgage broker and a realtor, all from the Boise, Idaho area; the group attempted to buy and flip 49 different properties, Reuters reported Thursday . In New York, eleven defendants include brokers,

DOJ demands more in BofA, Countrywide deal 2018 HW Insiders: shannon faries shannon Faries has lifelong experience in mortgage banking and construction lending. Shannon has founded and managed mortgage-banking operations and is the former chief lending officer of a.None of the firms battling Countrywide and Bank of America on behalf of mortgage-backed securities investors has dedicated more resources to the fight than. I should note that Manhattan State.