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LIVE BLOG: State of the Union

Trump uses State of the Union to defiantly defend his immigration agenda,. Harris took to Facebook Live to deliver the speech, which she.

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Watch President Donald Trump deliver the State of the Union address, and Stacey Abrams deliver the Democratic response, as MarketWatch live-blogs the.

Live analysis of President Donald Trump’s 2019 State of the Union address to Congress.

The State of the Union gives the president an opportunity to articulate his policy agenda for the coming year.

SOTU Highlights: Trump recognizes veterans, Pittsburgh survivors, ICE agent and more President Trump will give his first State of the Union address tonight. Come to this post to comment on what you are hearing.

State of the Union live blog 2019. This will be in lieu of Freak Out Friday this week. 8:48: We’ve decided to tune in to CNN for the coverage. 8:52: Kathleen is going to be monitoring the NYT for fact checking, and as she brings me up to speed with lies I will relay them to you.

President Obama gives his final State of the Union address, Taiwan votes for a new president and The European. Our live-blog will begin shortly before then.

President Trump announced the El Paso rally after factchecks and criticism of his State of the Union speech when he said El Paso crime. Over the weekend, O’Rourke went live on Instagram – a common.

President Trump is expected to call for unity during his second State of the Union address – but a handful of Democrats aren’t planning on listening to the president’s pleas Tuesday night, as.

Live Blog: Preamble to the State of the Union. Honoring Gabrielle Giffords: Members of Congress and other political leaders will be wearing black and white ribbons in honor of the Arizona congresswoman who was seriously wounded in a mass shooting earlier this month, CBS News confirms. Reps.

The State of the Union is set to begin at 9 pm Eastern tonight. We will be live blogging both the president’s speech and the Democratic response. The president said the American economy is the hottest anywhere and unemployment has reached new lows.

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