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Case against MERS reaches Supreme Court

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Justia US Law Case Law California Case Law Supreme Court of California Decisions 2016 Yvanova v. New Century Mortgage Corp.. The action challenged here relates to Auroras right to foreclose by 7 As the Culhane court explained, MERS was formed by a consortium of residential mortgage lenders and investors to.

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How a Case Gets Heard by the Supreme Court. three paths a legal conflict can take to reach the nation’s highest court:. famous Supreme Court case that emerged from the lower courts was the.

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(Bloomberg) — The U.S. Supreme Court. against double jeopardy by scrapping a decades-old doctrine that lets a state and.

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On August 25, released an article entitled, mers case filed with Supreme Court. MERS Case Filed with Supreme CourtAmong the ongoing court cases surrounding the right of Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems? (MERS) to foreclose homes, one case out of California has been elevated to the Supreme Court.

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(Jonathan Ernst/Reuters) In two upcoming cases, SCOTUS must resist the temptation to seize redistricting power for the judiciary in flagrant violation of the Constitution. It is fitting that the.

Similar cases were brought before courts in Idaho, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Utah, and other states. “It appears that every MERS mortgage,” a New york state supreme court judge recently told me, “is defective, a piece of crap.” The language in the judgments against MERS became increasingly denunciatory.

A San Diego foreclosure attorney filed a petition with the Supreme Court last week asking for a review of a California appellate court’s decision that affirmed MERS’ right to foreclose Jose Gomes’ home. Several homeowners across the country have brought cases against MERS. Some states have ruled in favor of MERS, others against it.