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6 ways to keep your home safe

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35 Ways to Keep Your Home & Family Safe: How Does Your Home Stack Up? Helping kids stay safe at home. There are a lot of practical things we can teach our children. Making your home safe from intruders. Make your home look occupied at all times. When travelling. Put your newspaper delivery on.

Learn how to prevent a break-in and secure your home.. tips, and articles that will further explain how you can keep your home safe while you are on vacation.

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6 tricks to keep your home safe during travel. By Janine Puhak, | Fox. 5 WAYS TO COMBAT PACKAGE THEFT. 2. Keep your mailbox & porch clear. "With the lights in your home turned on, and a.

When a loved one with dementia moves into a caregivers home, it's important to make adaptations for their safety.

It’s as if they believe thinking hard enough about all the potential worst case scenarios will somehow keep them safe. Watch on Forbes. your energy into more productive places. 3. Concentrate on.

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6 ways to keep your home safe and save energy while on vacation If you have a summer vacation planned, check out these simple tips that will help you save money and energy while you hit the road. Close the curtains

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While you can’t watch your house 24 hours a day, there are numerous ways you can make it safer in no time. These 15 ways to protect your home will keep your safe, and-better yet-give you peace of mind. And when you’re ready to make your house safer from the inside out, find out where the deadliest items in your home could be lurking.

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15 Best Ways to Protect Your Home 1 Lock Your Doors and Windows. 2 Install Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Sensors. 3 Get Leak Sensors. 4 Swap Out Doors With Large Windows. 5 Put Up Alarm System Stickers. 6 hide big-ticket items. 7 Install Motion Sensor Lights. 8 secure window air conditioners. 9.